Today Special – 15th February 2018

Today Special – 15th February 2018

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Bet you didn’t know that Hippo loosely translates to River Horse in ancient Greek. Hippo Day, then, celebrates the third largest mammal on Earth. Why not take some time to waddle in a mud bath, get angry with some tourists, and yawn a lot whilst opening your mouth really-really widely?

History of National Hippo Day

The reason behind the creation of National Hippo Day is still unknown. Robert F. Broussard introduced the American Hippo Bill, in 1910. This bill proposed $250,000 in funding from the federal government to import the hippopotamus from Africa to solve two problems at once: the meat shortage in the United States and the fast-growing plant-species called the Water Hyacinth invading Louisiana’s waterways. The bill failed by one vote and that kept hippo from coming to America. Hippopotamuses have been the subjects of various African folktales. According to a san story; the creator assigned each animal its place in nature. The hippos wanted to live in the water but were refused as they might eat all the fish. After begging and appealing, the hippos were allowed finally to live in the water conditions that they would eat grass instead of fish.

How to celebrate National Hippo Day

Celebrate the National Hippo Day by raising awareness to protect and support hippos. These mammals are primarily killed for their meat. You can spend time on reading books and articles about hippos to know their beauty beyond their face. Best way to celebrate the day is to get out and show some love to the hippos. Post pictures and share your thoughts about National Hippo Day on social media by using the hashtag #HippoDay.



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