Alia Bhatt opens up about battling with anxiety: What are anxiety disorders and what are their symptoms?

Alia Bhatt opens up about battling with anxiety: What are anxiety disorders and what are their symptoms?

New Delhi: Alia Bhatt who has been making news for her look in the upcoming movie Kalank and her adorable relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor and their upcoming movie, recently revealed about her struggle with anxiety. Alia said that while she is not depressed, she gets bouts of anxiety and sometimes feels like crying for no reason. This comes after Alia’s sister, Shaheen Bhatt had also talked about struggling with depression.

A lot of celebrities have opened up and talked about mental health issues, with Deepika Padukone being the pioneer in the league. Recently, Armaan Malik, a young and successful singer also talked about his battle with depression stating that he was not okay, and encouraged other people also to speak up and end the stigma associated with such diseases. While depression is a common term now and fortunately much is known about it, anxiety still remains a grey area, and many people find it difficult to draw a distinction between clinical anxiety, and just normal anxiety that one might feel in certain situations of his/her life.

Anxiety disorders are a mental health disorder, just like depression but are characterized by different ways of perception of things. While a depressed person can not care about anything, even when they try, people with anxiety tend to worry too much and get too stressed even for little things and situations that can be easily handled. Anxiety can be of different types, depending on what causes or triggers it. While generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is not caused due to a particular reason, social anxiety is caused when people have anxiety about being judged, negative image, or just about what people think of them. Other forms of anxiety could be phobias or separation anxiety. One form of anxiety can exist with the other, and may, in fact, be also difficult to differentiate between.

Anxiety is characterized by the following symptoms:

Excessive worrying

What makes this different from regular worrying is the fact that a person with anxiety worries about everything, from normal everyday situations to big life troubles, and the worry is uncontrollable. When they are told to shake it off or not overthink, they are unable to do it and that makes them worry even more.


People with anxiety feel restless even when there is no need to. People with anxiety find it difficult to sit in one place and constantly have the urge to move around or do things.

Difficulty in concentration

People, especially children with anxiety have a problem in concentrating at something since their mind is preoccupied with the worry of something else. Such people lose focus and get distracted easily, they may get lost in a world of their own while you are talking to them.


People with anxiety are really irritable when their anxiety is at its peak because they are unable to figure out the things going on in their mind. If they are told things as they should just stop overthinking or anything on those lines, they may feel even more anxious and irritable.

Tense muscles

Tense muscles are a common symptom of anxiety and can be caused on most days of the week because of the mental health disorder. Muscles tension can be caused due to excessive worry, or the way the body reacts to the anxiety. Though there is little known about the link between the two, treating muscle tension can help relieve worry and other symptoms of anxiety.


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