27th January, 2018… National Geographic Day

27th January, 2018… National Geographic Day

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National Geographic is something we take for granted, which is not surprising considering that it has been around for well over 100 years. The first issue of the magazine was published in 1888, and National Geographic Magazines have been published regularly, once per month, since then. National Geographic Magazine has covered thousands of topics since its inception, from lovely, peaceful Balinese dancers to controversial topics such as the brutal killing of animals by poachers and those convinced of the magical properties of certain animal parts. For almost 130 years, National Geographic magazine has been awakening people’s interest in far away, unknown countries, their foods and customs, and above all, those who live there, both human and not. And this is of course why National Geographic is more than deserving of its own day, and we’ve seen to it that it got one.

The History of National Geographic Day

National Geographic Magazine was created as a text-oriented publication by the National Geographic society in 1888. Due to the popularity of the segments containing numerous pictures, National Geographic magazine quickly switched to extensive pictorial content. National Geographic Magazine became especially famous for its balanced portrayal of North America compared to the countries behind the iron curtain, downplaying politics to focus on culture, and not avoiding the Cold War topic as many publications tended to do at that time. More recently, National Geographic Magazine has been especially outspoken on environmental issues, such as deforestation and endangered species. National Geographic Magazine has also been praised for its beautiful photography and its book-like quality.

How to Celebrate National Geographic Day

National Geographic Magazines have attained nearly cult status over the years, meaning that even an old, dog-eared issue is considered a collector’s item. In that spirit, why not take a trip down to your local thrift store or second-hand bookstore and see if you can find any old National Geographic Magazines? Who knows, they could be worth something someday, and even if they’re not, it will be a truly interesting experience to leaf though an old issue and see what was relevant back in the days when it was published. Another interesting way to send this day would be to take your own camera out for a spin—who knows what you’ll manage to catch, and maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent as well? Even if you do not discover that you’re not quite Anne Geddes or Annie Leibovitz, you may at least find a new hobby, something you truly enjoy doing and would like to continue pursuing. If you have children, taking them with you and teaching them how to spot the art present in each and every little thing could prove an extremely fascinating and valuable lesson for them in the future as well. Not to mention that no child has ever been worse off for a lesson on how beautiful the world is and how much it should be appreciated and respected. Whatever you decide to do, make sure this day is a day you take a moment to admire the world around you, from the smallest things in it to the most enormous…and if you can teach the future generation to do that as well, more power to you. Our planet could use more people who have the same approach to our planet as National Geographic Magazine.



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